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Welcome to the Research Training Group RTG 2576 "vivid - In vivo investigations towards the early development of type 2 diabetes"

About 7 million people in Germany suffer from type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Genetic predisposition and environmental factors, in particular early exposure to adverse modifiable lifestyle factors such as prenatal or juvenile overnutrition and lack of exercise have been associated with an increased diabetes risk. However, the mechanistic links between early exposures, onset of impaired insulin action in early life and inadequate β−cell function in subsequent phases are not well understood.

The aim of the research program is to better understand the critical molecular mechanisms in the early development of T2DM. Doctoral researchers in basic sciences and medicine (PhD/MD) will jointly investigate novel experimental models for early diabetes development. A structured and coherent qualification program sets the frame for sustained training and mentoring to gain comprehensive knowledge in translational diabetes research.

RTG 2576

Call for applications: 

See further details for research projects and open positionsNext scholarships for doctoral MD students are available by personal arangement.

Online Sprechstunde für interessierte Studierende der Medizin: Jeden ersten Mittwoch im Monat 18:00 Uhr

Fragen zum Programm und Doktorandenstellen?

Jeden ersten Mittwoch im Monat um 18:00 Uhr stehen wir für Fragen rund um das Graduiertenkolleg zur Verfügung

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  • Prof. Dr. Regina Ensenauer

  • Deputy Spokesperson
  • +49 211 81-17687

  • Department of General Paediatrics, UKD
    Moorenstraße 5
    40225 Düsseldorf

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  • Dr. Nicole Rockel

  • Scientific Coordinator
  • +49 211 3382 558

  • German Diabetes Center
    Leibniz Center for Diabetes Research at HHU
    Auf´m Hennekamp 65
    40225 Düsseldorf

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    Office Hours: Mo. - Thur. 10 a.m - 3 p.m.

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