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Internal lectures & seminars

Topic Docent Date
Novel cell and animal models -part 1 Dr. A. Chadt & Dr. B. Belgardt 21.04.2021
Inflammatory signaling in diabetes Prof. J. Scheller 28.04.2021
Novel cell and animal models - part 2 Dr. A. Chadt & Dr. B. Belgardt 19.05.2021
Clinical perspective and comorbidities of T2D Prof. M. Roden 02.06.2021
Lipid signaling, lipotoxicity and cell survival in T2D Dr. B. Belgardt 09.06.2021
Pharmacological treatment of T2D Prof. J. Fischer 25.08.2021
Design of clinical observational studies and intervention studies in diabetes research Prof. M. Roden 08.09.2021
Signal transduction in beta cells Prof. N. Klöcker 27.10.2021
The PEACHES study: Programming of enhanced adiposity risk in childhood - Early screening Prof. R. Ensenauer 03.11.2021

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